Natural stone columns and arches

Rear Courtyard Elevation showing arcade & clocktower


Natural stone archivolt, string course and coping



Selwyn College Crest

College Crest at front pediment

Correct bedding plane

Arcade arch under construction . Note the correct bedding planes - stone is excellent in compression and the thrust imposed around the arch should be at 90 degrees to the bedding plane.

Selwyn College, Cambridge

New University Auditorium

Material: Farges Limestone

Architects: Porphyrios Associates

Main Contractor: Barnes Construction

Natural limestone plinth and architrave

Auditorium main entrance doorway


Natural stone pediment and cartouche scrolls

Front Elevation


Natural stone pediment, chimneys and cornice

Front & Side Elevations


Historic Private Residence

Stone conservation & restoration, new build extension,
internal loadbearing masonry arches, chimneypieces, chimneys & courtyard barns
Mullion and transom, gable springer, gable kneeler and gable apex stone

Thermally broken bay window to new kitchen extension

Natural stone loadbearing arches

Kitchen extension showing internal arched surrounds 


Stone built barns and coach houses

Courtyard barns built to house an energy centre


Hand carved Portland Stone chimneypiece

Kitchen extension firesurround with low-relief carving & herringbone brickwork


Cotswold stone baronial chimneypiece with carved overmantel

Drawing room firesurround with carved overmantel and herringbone brickwork

Stonework requiring conservation

Badly eroded tracery window being readied for conservation


Stone restoration techniques

End tracery  springer stone fitted & propped


Stone springer, transom replacement

Central tracery springer in straps and mullion below being aligned


High quality stone restoration

Tracery window surround following conservation & restoration


Tracery window with leaded lights

Finished tracery window surround, fully glazed with leaded lights and lime render finished off

Mega mansion

Aerial photograph of front of site


Limestone and sandstone geometric floor pattern

Temple finished & in use


Carved capitals below coffered dome

Carved capitals  showing architrave beam soffit detailing


Stone entablature with echinus moulding, dentils and carved modillions

Carved columns, capitals & entablature


Temple of Love

Temple  showing carved columns and entablature

Major restructuring of large private residence

United Kingdom

Masonry works carried out by Stonebuild Contracts Ltd included:

Restoration of hard landscaping to notable formal gardens; restoration of original tennis pavilion; extension to original house; new 150m long retaining wall & balustrade; new tennis pavilion & colonnade; new banja & grotto; new hard landscaping to woodland gardens; new corinthian temple; front forecourt planters; new portico & new forecourt fountian.

Fountain bowl complete, showing slate pool lining and upstand


Bronze water spouts to fountain

Bronze lion head water spouts and banding


Stone fountain pool, fountain bowl and urns

Fully commissioned fountain, pool & urns


Doric entablature with triglyphs, guttae and dentils

New Doric front portico

New private residence

United Kingdom

Front Elevation showing Doric portico & pediment


Doric entablature with mutules, rather than modillions

Front Elevation Doric portico


Pilastrade and balcony with balustrade passing 100mm sphere test

Rear Elevation pilastrade & balcony


Limestone ashlar. Sandstone paving

Rear Elevation pool building


Balusters passing 100mm sphere test

Ground Floor Terrace above basement garage


Guttae, triglyphs and mutules

Front Elevation Doric pediment


Curved-on-plan architrave, frieze and cornice

Rear Elevation curved -on-plan bay


Classical architecture

Rear pilastrade & balcony Doric entablature

New private residence

United Kingdom
Ionic capitals and carved daisies around pierced tympanum

Ionic pediment with carved tympanum, pierced to allow light into stairwell atrium 


Tuscan order portico with pediment

Rear Elevation showing Tuscan Portico


Stone pier caps

Entrance gate piers, looking into courtyard



Carving blocks to pediment tympanum set up dry in workshop


Carved stone foliage

Carving labours around pierced tympanum complete


Treads and risers

Cotswold stone stair linings

Ionic order

Front Elevation 


Steps, coping, pediments, balustrade

Rear Elevation courtyard showing Tuscan portico and steps down to living roof above garage block


Cotswold stone walls and gate piers. Reclaimed York Stone finials

Entrance gate piers, looking away from courtyard


Natural stone supported on stainless steel angle corbels

Garage block and service building


Carved stone swag

Carving labours  to swag complete


Modillion cornice and intricately carved pediment tympanum

Pediment tympanum under construction, showing mild steel 'A' frame


Diamanti limestone floor with cabouchons

Cotswold stone stair linings and entance hall floor with contrasting cabouchons